Better audience metrics key to monetize mobile & video



As consumers are turning to mobile and video, publishers need to find new ways to create, distribute and monetize content. Aol talked to more than 300 premium publishers in the U.S. to understand the changes at play, identify the challenges and opportunities they see and how data and automation are empowering them. All this information is summarized in an interactive report. We’ve selected for you, three key findings.

Analyze, optimize, monetize, repeat

As consumer behaviors evolve, buyer approaches change, the market shifts and, as a result, media inventory values fluctuate constantly too. But publishers are getting more aggressive in bringing greater efficiency to their businesses. The key: Data

Aol advices to invest you in tools that:

  1. Identify where consumers are coming from and which traffic sources are the most valuable
  2. Layer intelligence on top of execution technology to improve real-time decision-making and ensure brand safety
  3. Optimize constantly to assess buyer patterns and pricing so you can attract more valuable audiences

Mobile challenges and opportunities

Ad blockers, quality creative and quality experiences top the list of challenges publishers face, while better audience metrics, engaging ad units, mobile-first video and faster ad loads present big opportunities.


Video as a revenue driver

Publishers expect digital video to be the #1 revenue driver by next year, fueled by better creative, improved user experiences, better targeting and faster load times.

Read the full AOL report here

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