Sind Podcasts das Medium des 21. Jahrhunderts?

Der steigende Konsum und die immer größere Vielfalt von Podcasts zeigen wie sich der Medienkonsum im 21. Jahrhundert verändert hat. Während man vor 30 Jahren mit dem Wort “Podcaster” nichts anfangen konnte, erreichen Podcasts heutzutage eine breite Masse der Gesellschaft und sind mittlerweile auch rentabel. Neben Entertainment und Comedy Podcasts, sowie Nischen-Podcasts, sind auch Nachrichten[…]

4 technologies to include in your 2023 plans

This week, Juan Señor, Jayant Sriram and Inês Bravo released their 2022/23 World Report on Innovation in Media. We have dived through to pick out some of the standout technologies to include in your future plans.   NFTs and AI to become less futuristic “Publishers across the world are betting big on AI” write Señor,[…]

Wie dänische Medienschaffende die Zukunft der Nachrichten sehen

Nachrichten und Zeitungen werden täglich in jedem Land und auf fast jeder Sprache produziert und bieten seit Jahrhunderten Informationen und Entertainment. Wie Menschen Nachrichten konsumieren geschah für eine lange Zeit auf die gleiche Weise, egal in welchem Land man wohnte. Morgens erhielt man die gedruckte Zeitung im Briefkasten oder auf dem Weg zur Arbeit stoppte[…]

Newsroom driven innovation: Insights from WAN-IFRA’s Newsroom Summit

Newsrooms are quickly becoming the drivers of change and innovation for publishers. Recognising the potential behind technology has given newsrooms the chance to automate and innovate. They can now give greater attention to their content. As we heard from Tommi Heikkonen of Fiare at the WAN-IFRA Newsroom Summit, it is a positive publishing shift that[…]

Why audio articles are great for retention, conversion and attracting young readers

Digital audio has rapidly grown in popularity. 66% of people in the UK listen to digital audio every week. It is no surprise therefore that 80% of publishers told Reuters that they will focus most of their resources for 2022 around audio. With the podcast market getting overcrowded it has become more difficult for listeners[…]

The Augmentation of Audio

Audio for publishers has taken off over the last decade. Whilst radio journalism has always been a standalone product, the boundaries between all media types have been eradicated in the world of audio. This has not only been caused by an increase in consumption of audio products within journalism, but with the rise of new[…]

Audio articles: the next frontier in edition strategies

For close to a decade at Twipe we have been advocates for edition-based publishing strategies. We have defined what an edition is in today’s world, explored how digital editions help create new reader habits, and learned from successful launches of new edition products. Recently we have also started to explore the role audio plays in[…]

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