Bracing for uncertainty, creator economy and the Metaverse: 5 stories from last week

3 October 2022
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This week’s Twipe Weekly Publishing News Digest takes a look at stories from across the world of publishing, touching on topics like publishers bracing for uncertainty, personalisation experiments, embracing the Metaverse and more. Read our top 5 stories of the week below.

1. World Press Trends Preview: Publishers brace for a period of marked uncertainty

Source: WAN-IFRA

Last week, WAN-IFRA released a sneak peak of the initial results of their World Press Trends survey. The initial results reflect the current times of economic uncertainty and conflict, with 55.4% feeling pessimistic about their business prospects for the next year, a stark contrast to over 80% who were pessimistic in the last report.

Find the full early insights from Teemu Henriksson and the WAN-IFRA team here.

2. How subscriptions are lighting way to brighter future for local US news publishers

Whilst there have been some significant difficulties facing local news outlets in recent years, some positive news has appeared on the horizon. The volume of digital subscribers is likely to surpass print in USA in 2023 according to Mather Economic‘s latest research. According to Senior Managing Director Peter Doucette, digital subscriptions are clearly the biggest growth driver, however challenges still remain with print still providing the bulk of subscription revenue.

Read more in Aisha Majid‘s report for Press Gazette.

3. Even Twitter is becoming TikTok

Much uproar greeted Instagram‘s move to adopting TikTok like video formats, but it appears Twitter is the latest platform to jump on the hype. Mitchell Clark of The Verge explores Twitter‘s latest video section in their Explore tab.

Here you can read his full findings.

4. Embracing the Metaverse is all about the long-term perspective

For the latest article in our Exclusive Speaker Series ahead of the Digital Growth Summit (get your tickets here), Futurist, Senior Advisor & Head of Media at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies Sofie Hvitved provided us with a fascinating piece on why embracing the Metaverse is all about the long-term perspective.

Find that and some examples of media companies leading the way in her piece.

5. What publishers can learn from the creator economy

The role and impact of the creator economy has been a topic of much discussion in recent years within publishing. In an ever-informative piece, Damian Radcliffe provides publishers with 5 actionable lessons to take from the creator economy and into your news organisation.

Check out his 5 tips in Digital Context Next here.

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