Google DNI funds collaborative project of Twipe and The Times & The Sunday Times

We are proud to announce today that a collaborative project of Twipe and The Times & The Sunday Times has been granted Google DNI Funding.

JAMES, your digital butler’ is a collaborative project from The Times & The Sunday Times and Twipe. JAMES will enable individualised distribution of the digital editions of The Times & The Sunday Times and accelerate digital growth.

Using machine learning and AI, JAMES will gradually get to know the habits, interests, and preferences of readers. He will expose them to relevant content in editions–current and past–in readers’ preferred formats, channels, times, and frequencies.

This will increase reader satisfaction and engagement and ultimately accelerate subscription growth.

JAMES will transform conversion and engagement strategies to drive subscription growth by moving from segmented to highly individualised interactions with readers.

JAMES will provide subscribers with tailored experiences fuelled by machine learning and artificial intelligence, using entirely new creative content formats. This will result in higher satisfaction and increased product engagement, and a decrease in the churn rates on digital subscriptions.

“We believe in the power of editions. Our readers love the curated order, finite experience and editorial choice. In times of limitless information and limited time, editions provide the valuable service of selection and judgement. Our goal is to maintain one unique version of any given edition, but individualise the way we distribute the content of to our readers by using self-learning algorithms and a bespoke artificial intelligence.” -Alan Hunter, Head of Digital at The Times & The Sunday Times

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Team Twipe

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