May 6, 2020

JAMES Launch Partner Programme

JAMES, Your Digital Butler is a technology for habit formation through automated and personalised newsletters and triggers. JAMES is currently being released to the market through a Launch Partner Programme meant to allow both Twipe and publishers to learn and further explore the uses of JAMES in a collaborative manner.

JAMES has been developed through a 1 year Google DNI project together with The Times of London which concluded in 2019. Throughout 2020, 4 Launch Partners embarked on the JAMES journey and we are selecting new publishers to join the 2021 Launch Partner Programme and get started with personalisation. The Launch Partner Programme is meant to explore the best use cases of JAMES and personalisation within your organisation, leveraging algorithms and expertise gained through the research project and learnings from the other Launch Partners.

Launch partners get access to special conditions and fast-track the development of personalisation solutions. If you are interested in knowing more schedule an intro call here below.

Launch Partner Programme Benefits

At Twipe we firmly believe that the best way to create value is to work closely with publishers and the Launch Partner Programme was designed with this goal in mind.

By joining the Launch Parter Program your organisation will benefit from:

  • Making use of best in class technologies for automated newsletters
  • Collaborative development and guided experiments to test the best use cases for your readers
  • Agile Development, monitoring, and fast iterations
  • Knowledge and insights from our data science team
  • Promotional SaaS fee for the duration of the Launch Partner Programme
  • 50% Twipe co-investment in the set-up fee

Launch Partner Programme Project Approach

The Launch Partner Programme is unique in that it allows you to fast-track the adoption of personalisation within your company and quickly set up for experimentation and improvements. The project is divided in four distinct work packages, with the first ones concentrating on data integrations, algorithms training and experiments design. At the beginning of the fourth work package selected cohorts of your readers will already be exposed to triggers produced by JAMES, and for 6 months we will be closely following up and analyse the incoming data to further improve the effectiveness of our algorithms.

James-Your Digital Butler

Interested to learn more about the JAMES Launch Partner Programme?

If you would like to know more about the Launch Partner Programme, fill out this form and our team will be in contact shortly.

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