49% reduction in churn observed with JAMES, Your Digital Butler

Today at News UK we are hosting together with The Times and The Sunday Times the event “Driving Subscription Growth Using AI” where we’ll be sharing findings from our year long collaborative project “JAMES, Your Digital Butler“. Using machine learning and AI, JAMES personalises the distribution of the edition, in terms of time, content, format and frequency.

As evident through our weekly newsletters and our annual Digital Growth Summit, an important goal of ours at Twipe is to facilitate knowledge sharing across the industry. This desire is also shared by the Google Digital News Innovation Fund, which selected our joint project with News UK for funding in its 4th round. That’s why it is important for us to share our findings with the industry, so that all may benefit from our learnings.

The key takeaway from our year long project is the impact JAMES was able to have, with 49% less churn observed. We’ll be digging deeper into these results in a whitepaper to be released next month, check back soon.


Team Twipe

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