Why audio articles are great for retention, conversion and attracting young readers

Digital audio has rapidly grown in popularity. 66% of people in the UK listen to digital audio every week. It is no surprise therefore that 80% of publishers told Reuters that they will focus most of their resources for 2022 around audio. With the podcast market getting overcrowded it has become more difficult for listeners[…]

Why 77% of Publishing Executives think AI will be important for their success

77% of publishing executives told WAN-IFRA and Schickler that AI will be important for the success of their business in 2024. But, nearly 50% of the same cohort said they had not yet explored any AI technology. Many cited internal challenges such as a lack of resources as key reasons for this. For publishers wishing[…]

Personalisierung: Stellen Sie Ihre Leser in den Mittelpunkt

Personalisierung ist 2022 einer der wichtigsten Schlüssel, um die Leseerfahrung für Abonnenten zu verbessern, Paid Content zu fördern und Kündigungen zu vermeiden. Mithilfe von Algorithmen und künstlicher Intelligenz soll der Leser mehr als nur eine Person hinter dem Bildschirm werden. Wir erklären wie Personalisierung Vorteile für Verleger und Leser bieten kann, was es zu beachten[…]

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9 cases that surprised us most at the INMA Subscription Summit 2022

This month’s INMA Subscription Summit was full of great knowledge sharing from across the publishing industry. We’ve reviewed the 15 hours of insightful talks and handpicked the 9 cases that surprised us most. #1. ePaper still sees increasing demand At Twipe, we are prominent believers in the power of editions, and it appears we’re not[…]

8 Gründe, warum Sie jetzt in Ihre E-Paper Strategie investieren sollten

Lesen, wo und wann man will. Das ist dank des E-Papers möglich geworden und die digitale Zeitung erfreut sich seit Jahren immer größerer Beliebtheit. Die Corona Pandemie hat diesen Aufschwung nun noch weiter befeuert.  Zeitungsleser im deutschsprachigen Raum greifen immer mehr zu der digitalen Ausgabe ihrer Zeitung und das aus den verschiedensten Gründen. In einer[…]

Video: Struggle or Strike for News Publishers?

63% of publishers told Reuters that they plan to push more resources into their video strategies. But, in a world where publishers are focusing on subscriber revenue, do videos drive subscriptions? Do they create valuable revenue for publishers? Or are they just areas publishers believe they have to be involved with to feel relevant? Video[…]

Most read stories from 2021

Each week at Twipe we analyse key trends in the world of news media and technology and how this can impact subscriber growth strategies. Explore the top 10 most read stories this year. Any feedback or topics you’d like us to cover next year? Let us know! 1. Learnings from the 2021 Reuters report In[…]

5 themes that governed the news industry in 2021

2021 became the second year to be disrupted by COVID-19. Despite this, publishers continued to see renewed success and growth. Join us for a rundown of highlights from 2021 including the rise and fall of Clubhouse, the Substack revolution and the renewed customer obsession. 1. NFTs and AI taking off 2021 saw the first news[…]

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