Wie Publisher Instagram am effektivsten nutzen können

In den sozialen Medien sichtbar zu sein und dort auf die eigene Marke aufmerksam zu machen gehört mittlerweile zur Strategie beinahe aller Publisher. Besonders um die Generation Z zu erreichen sind diese Plattform notwendig geworden und ein erster Schritt, um diese von der Qualität der eigenen Arbeit zu überzeugen.  Besonders wichtig ist für Verleger deshalb[…]

Recognising AI, ePaper and Gen Z focused initiatives at the INMA Global Media Awards

Publishers are leveraging tools across the digital sphere to bring their digital strategy to the next level. We have handpicked some of the best-in-class ideas presented at the INMA Global Media Awards from AI reporting on regional football driving a 50% renewal rate to dispelling fake news on TikTok to reach Gen Z. Norwegian robots[…]

3 Faktoren, die die Zahlungsbereitschaft steigern

Paid Content ist für Lokalzeitungen im Laufe der letzten Jahre eine der wichtigsten Bausteine geworden, um mit ihrem Journalismus weiterhin Geld zu verdienen. Um auf ihre Inhalte aufmerksam zu machen nutzen Zeitungen vermehrt Plattformen wie Facebook, Instagram und TikTok. Die Annahme, dass auf sozialen Medien in erster Linie kostenloser Content publiziert wird wurde durch eine[…]

How publishers can take the lead in solving misinformation

Publishers can take the lead in solving misinformation. In fact misinformation has been a focal point of many recent research reports in the publishing industry. Since the start of 2021, we have seen Trusted Web publish their report on the State of Misinformation and Reuters released their Listening to What Trust in News Means to[…]

How to engage the under-35s

Engaging the under-35s is seen as the key to long-term success for journalism, but this can put a lot of pressure on publishers. To keep up with ever-changing technology trends publishers often have to make risky investments. As we see Generation Z maturing and year 2000 babies becoming adults, this debate must once again be[…]

Love or Hate? Publishers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram

With the news this week that Facebook has re-created the original Facebook, going back to their .edu roots, it is perhaps time to check back in on how publishers are reaching new audiences on social media. However today there is more than just Facebook and Twitter publishers must develop strategies for. With this wide range[…]

The News Publisher's Guide to TikTok

While TikTok was first launched internationally in 2017, for many news publishers this is still an unexplored platform. Of the handful of traditional print publishers on TikTok, most are still in an experimental phase, trying to understand what content works best. We have dug into this question and prepared a guide for publishers interested in[…]

Stories: the format publishers need to take seriously

Increasing engagement, reaching younger audiences, habit formation…all topics keeping leaders of the news media industry up at night. While there is no magic bullet (and indeed you should be sceptical of any promised panacea, à la ‘pivot to video’), many publishers have been undervaluing one potential strategy: the Stories format. First seen on Snapchat and later on[…]

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