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Bracing for uncertainty, creator economy and the Metaverse: 5 stories from last week

This week’s Twipe Weekly Publishing News Digest takes a look at stories from across the world of publishing, touching on topics like publishers bracing for uncertainty, personalisation experiments, embracing the Metaverse and more. Read our top 5 stories of the week below. 1. World Press Trends Preview: Publishers brace for a period of marked uncertainty[…]

Digital überholt Print – Ein internationaler Vergleich

Im April gab Die Welt bekannt, dass sie den wichtigen Meilenstein von 200.000 digitalen Abonnenten erreicht haben. Mit der digitalen Ausgabe von Die Welt werden mittlerweile mehr Leser erreicht als mit der Printausgabe. Publisher setzen in den letzten Jahren vermehrt auf die Gewinnung von digitalen Abonnenten und sehen diese als ihre Haupteinnahmequelle in der Zukunft.[…]

The changing face of big tech so far in 2022

The relationship between publishers and big tech is a widely debated topic. Recently, we have seen more and more initiatives being taken and some first small victories coming to fruition in the fight with big tech. We take a look at what changes and small wins we have seen over the first 5 months of 2022. Big[…]

6 inspiererende Beispiele, um das richtige Abo-Modell zu finden

Den Preis für das eigene Produkt zu bestimmen ist eine der schwierigsten Entscheidungen, die Publisher treffen müssen. Mit der richtigen Preisstrategie ist es möglich für die Medienbranche Leser zufrieden zu stellen und gleichzeitig effektiv seine Profite zu steigern. Abonnements spielen dabei eine besondere Rolle und sollten gut durchdacht sein. Warum ist es wichtig gerade jetzt[…]

Bundles, AI, Analytics and Apps: What are the future value creators for publishers?

Earlier this year, some of you took part in a survey about reader revenue strategies and technology trends – thanks to all who responded! The results of these will be included in the next research report from the Reinventing Digital Editions series (sign-up here for an early copy). Today, we share a sneak peak from[…]

Takeaways from the Reuters Digital News Report 2021

This week, Reuters Institute released their annual Digital News Report 2021. The 164 page report shines a light on the accelerated digital transformation that publishers undertook due to the pandemic and uncovers the key digital trends for the publishing industry over the last 12 months. Join us as we deep dive into the key findings[…]

ePaper subscriptions in Germany grow by 24%

**This article was originally published in German by on 28th April** Digital newspapers continue to grow in popularity. Not only is the circulation growing, but e-paper subscriptions are also growing at an above-average rate of 24.3 percent. The e-paper circulation of German newspapers increased by 18.34 percent in the 2nd quarter of 2021 compared to[…]

Key Takeaways from the Mather Economics Symposium 2021

In the 3 day symposium, Mather Economics tackled the topic of “Subscriber Lifecycle Management”. This is a further endorsement to the growth in importance of subscribers for publishers. We selected some of the most noteworthy cases from McClatchy, Mediahuis, Gannett, and The Economist looking at the topics of culture, customer centricity, technology, and subscription strategy.[…]

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