7 Building Blocks to Succeed in Digital Publishing – Part 3: Design

7 Building Blocks to Succeed in Digital Publishing - Part 3: Design

The past 5 years, Apple has grown into the most valuable company in the world. They are the best case to illustrate how important design is for successful broad scale adoption of digital products. Even Google, initially a strong believer in functional design, has recently significantly invested in its “Material Design” initiative.

Recent work from Forrester Research indicates that companies offering higher levels of customer experience, also reach significantly higher revenues. Travel company Expedia managed to earn an additional $12m in profit thanks to a small UX change in one of its registration forms.

Designing digital products is not limited to graphical design or user interface development. Design is an overall process primarily aimed at delivering an end-to-end smooth, aesthetic and engaging user experience. Design is as much related to the technical speed at which the user can access your content, as it concerns the structure of your publications and articles.

Design elements which are data driven
Reaching levels of excellence in digital publishing results from excellence in various design disciplines.

You will have to make sure that your developers, graphic designers, project managers and editors all share the same understanding of the importance of design. Without strong leadership from product owners and system architects and without continuous focus on high quality output within these teams, you will never reach an overall level of superior design quality.
7 Building Blocks to Succeed in Digital Publishing - Part 3: Design

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