Gazet van Antwerpen

Gazet van Antwerpen

Gazet van Antwerpen (GVA) is the largest regional newspaper of the Antwerp region. It is published by Concentra, one of the largest regional newspaper publishers.
The iPad app is essentially a newspaper replica app. It has been enriched with a lot of interactive features and a breathtaking design. All six regional editions are easily available within the app.Highlights of the GVA iPad app:

  • Daily News Headlines offered in the Template Viewer
  • Beautiful design of the Replica viewer
  • Article Lightbox with newspaper fonts, column layout and multiple pictures
  • Fast background downloading
  • Newsstand integration

The enduser each day gets the GVA Headlines offered in a set of well designed templates. These provide a tablet optimized view on the news.
The GVA app scored immediately a big success, and reached number one in the newsstand category in the Belgian AppStore and a second place in the top charts.

Newspaper Replica app
Publisher : Concentra

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