Het Belang van Limburg


“I am really proud that together with Twipe our newspaper takes the lead in what I believe to be the future of newspapers. 4 years ago, presenting our newspaper as PDF on tablets felt like a real revelation. Now, the mobile optimized newspaper on smartphones gives me an identical feeling.”

Ivo Vandekerckhove, Editor-in-Chief, Het Belang van Limburg

Long-lasting relationship

We started working together with Het Belang van Limburg (HBVL) back in 2012, when we developed together their first digital product: Replica Apps for tablets. Ever since, we have worked together on 6 other major projects. In 2015, HBVL has been the first Belgian newspaper to introduce NextGen Flow on all devices.
HBVL benefits from the complete Twipe Digital Publishing Suite. The daily newspaper is available as a NextGen and Replica publication on Tablet, Smartphone and Web.

The first mobile-optimised newspaper app

In the 2015 summer we have started working together on what we call the app of the year: the first newspaper app fully optimized for smartphones. Within the NextGen.Phone. apps, no more pinching and zooming is required. With 15 different smart templates integrated in Twipe’s NextGen Solution, the app is now available on all iOS and Android smartphones. It has been an amazing journey with a passionate team of  developers, project managers, designers and journalists creating the best possible user experience.
The launch of the first mobile-optimised news app has been nothing less but a huge success. On the day of the launch the daily usage increased by 200%, boosted by a well defined marketing campaign on both print and online newspaper. Thereafter, 50% more subscribers are now reading the newspaper on their smartphone. Check out the app in The AppStore or Google Play.

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About HBVL

Het Belang van Limburg is the largest and strongest regional newspaper in Belgium, with a reach close to 90% of the population of the province ‘Limburg’. It is published by Het Mediahuis, one of the largest publishers in Belgium. As it is the biggest regional newspaper in their region, mainly promoting local news, HBVL has increased their offering with 3 extra magazines and a number of regional supplements to increase their readership and keep their retention rates constant. These extras are now available in all apps.

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