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30 April 2019
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Through our newsletter, we’ve been lucky to meet a wide variety of innovators in the news media industry. Interesting conversations and debates have been sparked within our community and it has helped shape how we approach media innovation here at Twipe. Because we know the of value of collaboration, we want to share with you five news media events that we value as truly collaborative in nature, and you should make sure to get them on your travel calendar now! With that we are also proud to announce that the third edition of the Digital Growth Summit will be held later this year in Berlin on the topic of habit forming products.

May 22-24 – Hamburg : MTP Engage

Not specifically for the news media industry, MTP Engage covers an important topic for all publishing executives: product. We’re starting to see product and product managers becoming a key discussion point at industry events, such as at International Journalism Festival’s product panel, so we’re happy to see an entire event dedicated to product. Started as a meetup in London in 2010, this group has now grown to more than 150,000 members across the world.

If you can’t attend, there will be further events this year, including a larger conference in London in October. We also recommend their Slack to meet and discuss with other innovative product managers!

May 23 – London : Driving Subscription Growth Through AI

We’re proud at Twipe to be finishing up a one year collaborative project with the The Times and The Sunday Times, called ‘JAMES, your digital butler’. Using machine learning and AI, JAMES has gradually gotten to know the habits, interests, and preferences of readers in order to expose them to relevant content in editions in their preferred formats, channels, times, and frequencies. While Reuters named JAMES “a development to watch“, we have not been able to publicly share many findings until now. At this pre-launch event in London next month, we will share the conclusions we’ve drawn on successful uses of email as well as the impact “JAMES” has had on readers of The Times and The Sunday Times.

This exclusive event is almost full, but contact us if interested in attending. You can also subscribe for further updates on JAMES.

June 13-15 – Athens : GEN Summit

We’re particularly excited for the 2019 edition of GEN Summit due to its focus on voice, as this is something we’ve identified as an important theme for the year. That’s why we’ve been digging into the financial side of voice in our series “Business of Audio“. We will be exploring this further on stage as well, as we moderate a session on the business side of audio for publishers.

We are looking forward to meeting our readers who will be attending as well, contact us to arrange a chat during a coffee break. For our readers who aren’t able to attend, we will be covering the entire summit as media partners and sharing the key insights.

July 11-12 – Minneapolis : SRCCON

A very hands-on, participatory conference, SRCCON focuses on transforming journalism. Over two days, collaborative workshops will examine the practical challenges that news technology and data teams encounter every day. This event is suited for anyone in the newsroom collaborating on open technologies and processes or developing new ways to engage and inform readers.

Some proposed sessions that look particularly interesting include:

October 9 – Berlin : Digital Growth Summit

After a successful summit in Rennes last year, our team is looking forward to the next Digital Growth Summit. We welcome publishers to this third edition in Berlin on October 9th. Hosted together with DuMont, this year we will explore the topic of habit forming products. Members of our newsletter will receive a Save The Date for this event soon.

This article was written by Mary-Katharine Phillips, Media Innovation Analyst at Twipe from 2017 – 2021.

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