Push notifications: the highway to readers’ attention

Since push notifications were first introduced in iOS 3.0 in 2009, two key lessons have emerged. First, push notifications can help increase reader engagement, with readers who enable push notifications being 88% more engaged with a nearly 3x higher retention rate. Second, enabling push notifications is an act of trust that comes with a great[…]

Trends in Digital Publishing: Summer 2017

Get inspiration for your 2018 strategy: in this summer edition, we’ve compiled top stories in the digital publishing industry. Join us for an update on best practices, industry trends, and the newest developments at Twipe. Click here to read the magazine.

Digital growth challenges for European publishers

Summary of CEO Panel Session, September 29th, 2016 Four weeks ago publishers from France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Belgium came together for the “Digital Growth Conference” in Leuven. Please find below a brief summary. Contact us if you would like to receive more information or presentations. Digital success through extreme focus on[…]

Understand your audience for better monetization

Publishers have begun to realize that “traditional” digital content monetization approaches are under pressure. This is due to various economic, social and technological factors within and outside the publishing industry. Therefore, the key to successfully monetize their content is to experiment with different models and constantly evolve. One way or another – new differentiated approaches[…]

Is Facebook a publisher’s friend?

One year ago, Facebook started to prioritise publisher’s content and video when they announced Instant Article. Last week, Facebook reported to show more posts from friends and family over content coming from Pages. Should businesses and publishers that rely on Facebook for customer engagement and referral traffic be worried? The new changes to the feed[…]

3 surprising key findings about the Reuters Digital News Report 2016

Reuters just released it’s fifth annual Digital News Report. Going through the report we’ve selected for you 3 surprising key findings. Social media is growing as a platform to discover news People prefer to read news selected on their own reading behaviour News articles are still the main source to read the news, despite all efforts[…]

7 Building Blocks to Succeed in Digital Publishing – Part 7: Culture

7 Building Blocks to Succeed in Digital Publishing – Part 7: Culture

Speed and innovation are key to digital business success. Your biggest challenge in achieving a successful digital transformation will be to change the fundamental behaviors and ways of doing things in your company. Why is culture so important to a digital business in general? Digital business need strong entrepreneurial skills to take action and move[…]

7 Building Blocks to Succeed in Digital Publishing – Part 6: Insights

7 Building Blocks to Succeed in Digital Publishing – Part 6: Insights

Digital provides unprecedented opportunities to collect data on your successes and mishaps. Having quick and insightful access to your data is key. The publishing industry is set out to benefit from Big Data. But does Big Data lead to Big Insights? Data is typically stored in a variety of systems. Combining them into a central[…]